Margaret L’Angot Phalen wife of Patrick Phalen

I just realized that I’d left out my ThruLines chart for my 4th -Great grandmother, Margaret L’Angot aka “Long” (the Anglicised surname). Here are our DNA connections to her. Note the listing for Edward, which does NOT show in my ThruLines for Patrick. This is because the individuals who descend from Edward do not have Andrew listed in their trees. Because our Andrew Phalen left Nova Scotia and seemingly “dropped off” the planet lead most researchers of this family to assume that Andrew died after childbirth.

ThruLines for Margaret L'Angot

The only child missing from this list is one “suspected” child of Margaret and Patrick. That is John. Either none of his descendants have taken the AncestryDNA test, John did not have any children, or John was not actually a child of the couple. Time will tell.

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