Alcaney Phalen

Alcaney Phalen was the 13th known child born to Andrew Jackson Phalen and Mary Jane Kimbleton. He is also the most recent addition to my family tree as I was totally unaware of Alcaney: There is no death record listed for him at the West Virginia Culture Center online. He was born 13 January 1889 per the cemetery headstone but died 28 June 1890. Alcaney is buried in the Varner Cemetery at Poca, Putnam County, WV. He shares a headstone with his older brother Elisha Phalen.

elisha phalen, alcaney phalen shared headstone
Elisha Phalen, listed first with birth and death, then Alcaney Phalen.

I had never heard the name prior to running across this headstone at Varner Cemetery. Not long after, I ran across this Scripture during church service one morning as the Pastor was preaching. In 1 Samuel 1 of the Bible, we learn that “Elkanah” was the husband of Hannah, the parents of Samuel the Prophet. I suspect Alcaney is a corrupted spelling or pronunciation of Elkanah. Of course, this is a supposition on my part. Still, when you take into account the Biblical names of several of Alcaney’s brothers, you may come to the same conclusion: Elisha, Elijah, and Ebenezer.

Poca Varner Cemetery is located out Laurel Avenue beside the Middle School. There are no (or weren’t any) signs marking the cemetery on my previous visit. From Laurel Avenue, take a right onto the paved road and keep driving. The road turns to gravel. The cemetery is located beneath the trees behind the school.

Poca Varner Cemetery directions Varner Cemetery Location

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