ThruLines: One of The Benefits of

When first introduced ThruLines, I couldn’t figure out what good it would actually do me. It didn’t tell me much and I thought, “Gee, I hope I don’t have to pay for this service.” Then they got it working. And, VOILA, it revealed people with whom I was related via DNA and how we were related via a single ancestor.

All those individuals that I assumed (over the course of 20-odd years) were children of Martin & Margaret McGraw turned out to right. Here’s the list of Martin & Margaret’s children that I had placed in my tree (back then I was using FamilyTreeMaker) and the number of DNA matches to each of them. Remember, I’m descended from Martin McGraw through two of his sons: Martin McGraw (Junior) and Thomas McGraw. It’s important to bear in mind that ThruLines is only as accurate as your tree. Mine isn’t 100% accurate but it appears I got this part right.

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